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A Reordering

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A Reordering

Throughout our lives we go through shifts and transitions. Followed by a reordering. In order to make a shift we enter a process of re-aligning our thoughts, emotions and actions accordingly.

Sometimes these shifts are subtle such as developing a taste for police procedurals versus long English novels. Or we may take up a new avocation such as collecting antique trains versus fly fishing.

Sometimes these shifts are a bit larger and challenging such as completely overhauling our eating patterns or giving up smoking.

And then there are more tectonic shifts such as having a loved one die or getting a divorce or developing a new sense of purpose.

I am currently experiencing this last order of shift. It’s an inner re-ordering—something which requires a deep act of will—and a corresponding shift in how I spend my time and what I focus on.

This shift has come about through inner work, through working on a manuscript, soon to be published, entitled Can Art Save Us? and through teaching a program entitled The Leader as Artist at MIT Sloan and through conversations I’ve been having worldwide with amazing people working at the intersection of the arts and leadership, including artists, academics, consultants, leaders, entrepreneurs, creative economy professionals, coaches.

This inner work includes wrestling with my response to what I believe is a world at risk. I have moved between despair and hope, fear and responsibility. In the end I cannot abide despair or fear. My re-ordering is built on hope and a sense of responsibility.



As a result I am in the process of creating, along with a truly remarkable group of fellow travelers, The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership (TGIAL.) Our mission is to develop positive, transformational leaders worldwide through the arts.

We have filed for not-for-profit status and have begun our efforts to raise funds. We have formed a wonderful governing board and are in the process of establishing a global board of advisors.

TGIAL will be a platform to build community among those working at the intersection of the arts and leadership. TGIAL will also be promoting the power of the arts to bring transformational change to our troubled world.

We will soon put up a website and initiate a virtual community building effort.

I am not sure what will happen with my Bloutcher moving forward. It may morph or be brought into TGIAL. In the short term I will also be using my Bloutcher to update you on TGIAL progress and the many exciting plans and initiatives we will be launching.

In the meantime, I would be happy to send any of you more information about TGIAL if you would like.  Just let me know.

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