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Recent Bloutchers

My New Book

I wanted to let you know my new book Can Art Save Us? is about to be released.

It is actually up on Amazon now, but its official launch will be in a week.Can Art Save Us Cover PNG 300dpi

Can Art Save Us? is organized around three important questions:

  1. Where do ideas come from?
  2. What happens to ideas in the process of converting them into something real?
  3. Does art and the art making process have relevance to the wider world beyond the studio walls?

I’ve been fortunate to get strong support for the book.  Nancy Adler who is the S. Bronfman Chair of Management at McGill and who was just named the top ranked female leadership guru in the world wrote:  “With his unique fusion of executive experience, artistic creativity, and profound humanity, Mandell… challenges us to believe in the power of art and art-making to transform the maker, the viewer and the broader community.”

You can order a copy on Amazon:

I would also love to hear your thoughts.  This is a deeply personal book, but one which I believe has great relevance to the state of the world at this particular moment in time.  I also welcome a review on Amazon (5 stars, of course!)

It would be great if you could put a plug in for the book through your networks.

Of course, let me know if you have any questions.

With Appreciation!!

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