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So I wanted to touch base.

Lots going on! I’ve been totally absorbed in launching The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership TGIAL).

I won’t go into details in this Bloutcher but I have been building a global network of artists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, academics, researchers, etc. who believe in the power of the arts to transform ourselves, our organizations and our society. TGIAL’s mission is to create a more peaceful, sustainable and beautiful world by developing transformational leaders worldwide through the arts.

Here’s our new logo:

So how did this happen?

In the process of engaging in a 2 year painting project entitled Memory Calls I began to record reflections on the creative process and the potential power of this process to have an impact beyond the studio walls. These reflections have turned into a book titled Can Art Save Us? which will be released the first quarter of 2015 (stay tuned.)

While I was engaged in the painting and the writing I was also teaching a program at MIT Sloan called The Leader as Artist. In August, the magnificent Nancy J. Adler, S. Bronfman Chair in Management at McGill, invited me to co-teach her Global Leadership; Redefining Success. During this time I was also having conversations around the world with many people working at the intersection of the Arts and Leadership. In those conversations I identified the need to create a platform that could bring people together worldwide who believe in the positive transformational power of the arts and to bring those benefits to organizations and communities. When I circled back to those I had been in dialogue with I received unanimous support for the idea.

Then I had to ask myself, as we all do, at least three questions:
• At what level do I want to engage?
• Why do I want to engage?
• Do I have the energy and where withal to make it happen?

Here’s what I came up with:
• I am troubled by the state of the world
• In order to have the greatest impact it made sense to move from programs to platform. In other words, in addition to delivering programs there is a need to build a platform to generate broader opportunities for collaboration and scale.
• I am 72 years old and many people believe it’s time for such a gentleman to step aside, to slow down, to “be” instead of “do”—you know, all those stereotypical views of a 72 year old gentleman. I’m afraid I cannot abide that outlook. We need new models for the codger set. I have the good fortune to have good health and good energy and I want to create an inter-generational platform that makes a difference in this troubled world.

So stand by. I will be sending you a link to the website soon.

                                   The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership
                                                    A not-for-profit organization

                                                          Happy Thanksgiving
                                                                  To you and to
                                A more peaceful, sustainable, and beautiful world

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