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Important Update

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As many of you know I have been busy launching The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership (TGIAL) over the past year.  Please check us out at  Our mission is to build a better world through the arts and art making.

We have been building an amazing international network of artists, academics, researchers, entrepreneurs, human potential professionals, business leaders and scientists.

TGIAL holds the potential to become a powerful platform for bringing art based processes and techniques to changing the way we look at the world, ourselves and the way we do innovation and catalyze social change.


This continues to be a labor of love, commitment and belief and it is only beginning.

The reason I am writing now is to let you know that after 5 years I will no longer be writing my Bloutcher.  As part of the TGIAL platform we will be incorporating a blog feature which will include guest entries from thought leaders and doers.  I will be integrating my own thinking/entries into these as well.

I plan to move the email addresses of Bloutcher recipients over to the TGIAL distribution list so you will begin to receive TGIAL’s blog and newsletter updates from time to time.  I also wanted to give you the opportunity to opt out of this distribution list.  Simply let me know if you would like to be removed by responding to this email and I will be sure you will not be moved over to the TGIAL distribution list.

In the meantime, here are a few other updates:

  • ·         This past August, I co-taught Global Leadership; Redefining Success at McGill in Montreal with Prof Nancy Adler.  Professor Adler is a true pioneer in bringing art into the leadership conversation.  Click here for a link to one of her earlier articles.
  • ·         I have been asked to expand the MIT program The Leader As Artist.  In October I will be teaching, along with Aithan Shapira, a program entitled The Observational Leader which explores how the ways we observe the world influences the way we see possibilities and pathways to innovation.
  • ·         I launched my new book Can Art Save Us?  earlier this year.  My response to the title question might surprise you.  I wonder what your thoughts are?  To order a copy of the book click here.
  • ·         I took a Japanese Woodblock Printing Workshop in July.  I am now addicted and my studio is gradually be organized around the carving, printing process.  Here are two pieces I recently completed.
  • Hands woodcut
  • IMG_1063
  • ·         I have been invited to join the Art of Science Learning faculty which is underwritten by a major, multiple year grant from the National Science Foundation.  One of the things that is exciting about this initiative is that the Art of Science Learning is about to come out with game changing research that clearly demonstrates the powerful impact of arts based processes on a range of outcomes including creative problem solving, collaboration, resilience, innovation, engagement and on and on.  Stand by for this research!
  • At TGIAL we are beginning work on our Hands Across the Globe initiative.    We intend to build a virtual platform that inspires artists around the world to act as catalysts for social change in their communities.

I would like to thank you for allowing my Bloutcher to enter your life over these past several years.  I especially appreciate your comments, insights and reactions.  They have made me feel that we are all taking this arduous, challenging journey toward societal and personal wholeness and creative vitality together.  To be continued through The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership!