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Leadership Provocateur

Fred’s mission is to help individuals, leaders and their teams unlock their full creative powers. With a unique blend of practical wisdom born from decades of executive experience and creative provocation derived from his work as a nationally collected artist Fred and his team guide clients through a rigorous journey of exploration, discovery and transformation.

Are you or your organization experiencing any of the following?

  • The need to be more innovative but not sure how to go about it?
  • A competitive environment characterized by disruption, change and unpredictability?
  • Leader capacity stretched to the limits?
  • Employees not fully engaged in their work?

Fred believes value and fresh insights are generated where uncertainty is the strongest. Our increasingly complex and disruptive world is filled with opportunities waiting to happen. We just need to know HOW to find them.

Through a combination of inspired coaching, dynamic workshops, engaging online training, powerful experiential learning, Fred helps bring out the creative and innovative brilliance in others and their organizations.






The Leader’s Studio is a multi-faceted platform designed to develop 21st century leaders.

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Becoming a Life Change Artist; 7 Creative Skills to Reinvent Yourself at Any Stage of Life

Becoming A Life Change Artist

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